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At Promenade Dance School, we teach a range of dance styles. Our aim is to meet the individual students needs in each class and recognise that learning how to dance is a fun and exciting activity. We also teach all our students and parents / carers to foster a sense of community and belonging. Each year we provide performance opportunities to students through the annual concert and Eisteddfod participation.

Classical Ballet - Promenade Dance Schoo

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is an important technical foundation for all other dance styles. Classes offered at Promenade implement the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabuses.


The RAD offers examinations and assessments which encourage students of all ages to work towards and achieve at developmentally appropriate levels. Examinations are optional for students. Classes are offered from Pre-Primary and Primary levels into eight graded levels and five vocational levels. From Grade 2, ballet exam students need to undertake a minimum of two classes per week in order to be eligible for their exam. Please tell us at the beginning of the year if your child is interested in taking examinations.


The Jazz programs offered at Promenade are based on the International Dance Technique (ITD) syllabus. This studio syllabus is designed to develop plyometric agility, strength, fitness, flexibility and strong jazz technique in dancers of all ages and abilities. Created by Lucy Ellis Dance Coaching and Kylie Norris (#Norrisfit), IDT includes progressive stretch exercises and age appropriate conditioning exercises to strengthen muscles, increase agility, control and power in dance combos. The syllabus grades progressively train all relevant Kick, Turn and Jump techniques. All IDT exercises are short, easy to teach and easy for students to learn and retain. IDT aims to keep the dancer motivated to reach their full potential as a technical dancer.


Jazz classes are available to students from 5 years of age.


The Tap programs offered at Promenade are based on the Australasian Dance Association syllabus. The Australasian Dance Association (ADA) specialises in the teaching of ballet, tap and Jazz in Australia and overseas.


Students work progressively through graded technical exercises which are applied to performance work choreographed in class.


Tap classes are available to students from 5 years of age.

Promenade Dance School Bathurst - Modern

Modern / Contemporary

Modern / Contemporary dance further develops dance technique from classical ballet and incorporates elements of modern dance. It allows for a greater range of movement that allows the dance student to explore creative composition tasks and musical interpretation.


Contemporary classes are available to students at a Junior level (age 5 and up).


Acro Dance

Acro Dance is an acrobatic program based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of Acro Dance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling.


At Promenade we follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.


Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre classes are for those of all abilities! Whether you've never done a class before, don't know of any musicals or are frightened of being on stage or perhaps, you live and breathe musicals, you wake up first thing in the morning singing your heart out and dance your way to school each day!

The class will incorporate singing, dancing, script work and audition practice. You will gain performance skills, confidence and will work to become a triple threat!

Come to class with your favourite musicals in mind and we'll be sure to work on them as a group!  


The class does involve script reading, so is more suitable for students from age 7.

Modern _ Comtemporary Dance - Promenade

Leaps, Jumps & Turns (LJT)

Leaps, Jumps and Turns (LJT) is a class designed and created by principal Felicity Jones, from her extensive knowledge and experience in dance.


This class is for extending students abilities further in their jumps, leaps and turns with exercises to increase flexibility, strength, coordination and endurance.


This class is designed to be a supplement to their other classes such as jazz, modern lyrical and ballet. 

Performance Group - Promenade Dance Scho



Performance Groups provide students the opportunity to work on group choreography in a number of different styles with performance opportunities at local community events and eisteddfods. Students must undertake ballet to be eligible to participate in performance groups.


Private Lessons

Private Lessons and solo work for eisteddfods are available to students on enquiry.



DanceStep is a formalised and progressive Dance Student Teacher Education Program which empowers students to serve as role models, grow as leaders and care for others in their dance studio community. 

DanceStep Student Teacher and Leadership program provides learning opportunities for dance, cheer and acro students from ten years of age.

Designed to develop leadership and valuable ‘soft skills’ (also referred to as employability skills) such as communication, team work, problem solving and emotional judgement, DanceStep has been described as “the Girl Guides of Dance Studios!”

Promenade Dance School Bathurst - Adult

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet is a fun class that will incorporate dance exercises for all levels of expertise from those who have never rested their fingertips on a ballet barre before to those Prima Ballerinas who want to keep up their skills in a more relaxed class environment.


You'll benefit from going back to basics to improve your posture, strength and coordination along with learning new choreography each week and a little bit of French!


The exercises will be designed based on your ability with different levels for each of them so that you're all dancing together.  


All shapes, sizes, ages, genders and sense of humour welcomed!


Adult Tap

Adult Tap is a fun, energetic class for adults who have some experience in tap and want a great way to exercise! A no pressure class, pay as you come. There is also the option of participating in the local eisteddfod and Promenade's end of year concert.


Ready Set Dance

/ Ballet

READY SET DANCE is a one hour combo class fro preschoolers aged 2-5yrs that includes jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and a whole lot of FUN for girls and boys.


Our studio is proud to be an official READY SET DANCE location. This program was the winner of the award for Best National Activity for preschoolers in 2018. It focuses on developing the 3 C’s for preschoolers - Confidence, Coordination and Creativity.


READY SET BALLET is a preschool program for children aged 2-5 years. The program includes activities that enable children to explore space creatively, develop musicality through basic ballet technique and develop co-ordination.

TUMBLETOWN is a preschool acrobatics program which safely and effectively trains toddlers across a variety of levels to help them maintain strong gross motor skills and kinaesthetic awareness all whilst having fun and keeping motivated! Some of the skills they will learn to master on their adventures in class are: forward rolls, bridges, cartwheels, gallops, straddles, pikes, safe stretching, hopping, hand stands and more!

Watch the READY SET DANCE video to for a preview of the program!